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"I recently attended Dandelion Collective’s sharing of their work at the New Diorama. Members of the collective, consisting of professional and non-professional dancers with and without learning disabilities, gave us a taste of how they work, first with a video showing work in progress, then with live performance of group pieces and duets. It was a powerful and joyful occasion, with participants (some performing for the first time) relishing the opportunity to present themselves in front of an audience and giving performances of purity and what I can only describe as love. The group’s leaders, Esther and Cristina were beautifully attuned to the needs of the group, with whom they shared mutual affection and respect. This was a fine example of the empowering and equalising qualities of dance." [Fergus Early, OBE, Green Cande Dance Company] "Inspirational!! The Dandelion Collective are sure bringing dance art to a wider audience and the results are inspiring, check them out!!!! Keep on dancing...." [Eddie Hughes, CAP -Community Access Project-]

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