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Dandelion Collective is an inclusive platform, aiming to empower the individual and encourage an inclusive society through cultural activities. It focuses on working with individuals and communities that would normally not have access to the arts. Dandelion was established in March 2013, and is currently operates between London and Northumberland. Dandelion Collective is passionate about making their activities accessible to all, thus thriving on diversity, individuality and collectiveness. 

Mission Statement

It is our mission to empower the individual through creating an inclusive environment, by providing cultural access and opportunity for all. Our activities promote self-expression, physical and mental well-being and creativity. 


Our Commitment 

  • Provide dance, drama, arts and music to create high quality education and community programmes/ projects and experiences in deprived communities

  • Inspire the local community through public performances and exhibitions

  • Empower the individual through creative activities

  • Employ locally based artists

  • Challenge prejudice and promote positive attitudes towards diversity

  • Engage communities in future facing technology eg. Digital and renewable energy

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